I love food! Both cooking and eating

I am not a food snob. Just as I am not a wine snob. I just love food. And I love cooking it. Especially for someone who values it. And I also like cooking together with them.

Food is important. It is one of the foundations of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and in Wikipedia the physical need is described as the “need for maintenance and defense of the physical body”.

This sounds both boring and uninspiring, but food is far from that! I like to think that food is a necessary treat and delight. Instead of just declaring that it is time to consume the inquired meal, we should declare that it is time to enjoy, appreciate and take pleasure from it!

Even if I love several types of food, I have strong preferences, and I never eat something I don´t like. I just will not fill up my small and precious stomach-space on food that I don´t enjoy. This means, that if I am served green peas or fish, which is boiled to death, it will remain on my plate at the end of the meal. This doesn`t ALWAYS mean that the food tastes bad or that the chef is doing a bad job. It is just pure priority on my part. We all have various preferences. I also believe that it is a healthy and simple way to prevent gaining too much weight. I eat good food and I quit eating when I start feeling full. That means that I seldom get stuffed and my gut-size is stable. And more important, it leaves more space for the things I really appreciate.

To me, the most important thing when cooking is that you make something you like and crave then and there. So if you find a recipe that looks good,

ust after being born… I remember quite clearly making my father scrambled eggs from the age of four and stirring in his cup of coco even prior to that. I have no documentation for this statement, but both my brother and I were both very young when we started using our family`s electric bread-cutter (It was the only way we could get our parents out of bed during the weekends. Putting their breakfast on the kitchen table!). In addition, I have great memories from my cooking classes in elementary school and I love watching cooking-shows and reading magazines on the topic. Even if I don´t always copy recipes, it is fun to get some tips and learn some techniques on how to make great and unforgettable food.

SaladOne of the most important advices I have been given, regarding cooking, is from super-chef Tore Namstad. He spoke about the four key elements essential in most dishes. Acidic, sweet, grease and salt. Together they create a well balanced meal. Traditional Norwegian food often lacks the acidic element, which leads to a quite heavy satiety (like meatballs, stews, and the lamb in cabbage). The Asian kitchen does a great job with these elements. And isn´t it true that you never feel overstuffed after eating pad thai or sushi? Compared to your grandma´s meatballs…

“Don´t be afraid to change a recipe. It most likely won’t break if you just try a few things and experiment a little”.

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