Martín Berasategui – San Sebastians finest?

Martin Bresategui

Martín Berasategui is considered by many to be the best chef in San Sebastian. His fine-looking restaurant, the creative, beautiful and stunning food, together with impeccable service, are all good pointer to that.

Martin BresateguiEntering the restaurant of Martìn Berasategui feels good from the second you step out of your taxi. It is housed in a beautiful, refurnished villa with an elegant entrance, large windows, flowers and candles creating just the right mood. The inside is elegant and spacious. It has a type fancier look, but without the pretentiousness.Martin Bresategui

The same could be said about the food. Rarely have I seen such stunning looking dishes, and they all taste heavenly. Vivid colors are creatively composed on every dish, making it difficult to eat them, just because you don´t want to ruin the piece of art that it is. But as soon as you bite into it, you can´t help yourself but to finish every single crumb or drop. Martin BresateguiThe consommé was to die for, and the meat was super soft. His entrées were stunning and tasty, and the desserts sweet in so many ways. But the one dish that left the biggest impression, and made me run back home to try and copy it, was the salad. Placed on a blanket of heavenly tomato juice gel, the ingredients are prudently put in their place with a tweezer for meticulousness, ending up looking like a piece of art. And it tastes just as good as it looks.

The wine list is extensive on the Spanish side, and quite ok on the French. Since we love to drink local, whenever possible, we went with a vintage Cava. We also enjoyed a bottle of the 2001 Rioja from Señorío de P. Peciña, Gran Reserva. It was much lighter than most Riojas I have had, and the hint of tobacco and mushrooms was a perfect match to our meat dishes.

Martin BresateguiVisiting the restaurant of Martín Berasategui is an honor and an experience of a lifetime. Of the three Michelin star restaurants we visited in San Sebastian, this was our favorite. It has been on the list of best restaurants in the world for years, and in 2016 it was voted the number one restaurant in the world by Tripadvisor.

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