Borgo di Pietrafitta – A wonderful agriturismo in the heart of Tuscany

If you are Norwegian, you understand why it took us a couple of years to book an apartment at this place, but regardless of the Norwegian meaning of the name, Borgo di Pietrafitta is a wonderful agriturismo.

The location of this agriturismo is the best, but the look, feel and sense of it, including the great service, makes it a perfect place to stay in Tuscany.

The inside of the main building is proof that there really are some fantastic, old and authentic beautiful furniture in Italy too. Large wooden tables and old chairs, beautiful art and great design makes the reception area quite wonderful. The surrounding garden is also very pretty and the smell of lavender is just wonderful.

The pool area is fantastic. Even if the pool is quite regular, the surroundings and view are so lovely that you just don´t ever want to leave. It even has a smaller pool for the kids to play in. In our week here, most of our time were spent on these wonderful daybeds and in the pool. This is also the pool where our four-year old learned to swim, so we have fond memories of the place.

The path to our apartment had so many lavender plants that it was a thrill to walk up and down. It smelled so good, and was covered with various wonderful butterflies.

The apartment that we stayed in was an ok size. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small livingroom area and a kitchen. This really is all you need if you stay here during the summertime. The deck outside, with comfortable wicker armchairs around the table, was our base. We had wonderful times during both breakfast and dinners, for the nights we didn´t go out.

Pietrafitta is one of the best agriturismos I have been to in the Chianti area. The view is stunning, and the location is perfect, situated right in the heart of Tuscany and close to many wonderful restaurants. The service here is also good, and the American manger will do what ever he can to make your stay comfortable.

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