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No one beats France when it comes to chees, bread and sparkling wine. And they are not last in line when it comes to the rest of their kitchen and cellars either.

While Italy, to me, means an ocean of good things to enjoy every day, then France is kind of the comprehension of holidays, fests and celebrations. Foie gras and Champagne are traditionally considered by many to be the food and drink for the wealthy and privileged people… This bar is perhaps not as high anymore, and luckily many of us gets the opportunity to enjoy them once in a while. A smart man once said, that the right time to open a good bottle of Champagne, is when you really, really want to.

My mission is to celebrate and enjoy as much and often as possible. I am not thinking big parties and white linen, but appreciating the little tings. Things someone may call insignificant in the long run, but isn´t it the small, insignificant things that is life? I believe that the little things are the ones we should honor. Like that I managed to go to the gym twice this week. That my little girl drew her first four-legged cow, that my oldest is in love for the first time or that my hubby found the lost speaker who had been missing since last summer. Those are the times when we should pop a Champagne (or a Cremante or anything else with bobbles).

Everything with France is quite elegant and sophisticated, and perhaps it feels a bit pretentious. This goes for the wine as well. French wine is not the easiest ones to like or drink, but I promise, as soon as you get a taste for it, you will never stop!