Fast and tasty sushi at Sabaki, Oslo

Food Courts are no longer affiliated with boring and unhealthy food. At least not if you go to for tasty sushi at Paleet in Oslo. Maki Sabaki

Sabaki Sushi represents the best of Japanese food with regular sushi dishes, like maki, sashimi and nigiri. They gain extra points for their extended fusion inspired and tasteful menu.

Despite the fact that Sabaki is placed in a food court at a mall, they still manage to impress with their fusion style sushi dishes. They especially do a wonderful visual presentation and taste of their sashimi salads. The seared Tuna sashimi with Jalapeño dressing is great, and also their halibut sashimi with yuzu sauce. Salmon Sashimi

If you have time for a bigger meal, their tuna tataki is also wonderful, and I also recomend their beef tenderloin with sweet chili soy.

Their wine list isn´t the best, but they have the Japanese Kirin beer, which is a perfect match for the raw fish and tasty sauces.

Whether you go to Sabaki for a snack or short lunch, or you choose to stay for a full meal, Sabaki will fulfill your need.

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