Is Geranium the best restaurant in Copenhagen?

GeraniumNoma has definitely helped put Copenhagen on top of all the foodies wish list, but I believe the restaurant has been surpassed as number ono by the other two-star restaurant in town. The Geranium.

GeraniumGeranium has it all. Its view and location is breathtaking. The interior is Scandinavian-cool, the staff is splendid and the food is word class!

As someone who loves food and fine wine and dining, visiting Noma was a wish come true. And I loved it. I truly did. But I have to admit that as for taste, both when it comes to wine and food, I prefer Geranium. Geranium is a restaurant I could revisit, over and over (at least if I stumbled over a whole lot of cash)!

geranium geranium geraniumEntering the premises of Geranium is very cool. Its location is quite desolated, but classy. As you step out of the elevator on the top floor, the stunning view and fashionable facilities, with all it´s stylish interior, almost takes your breath away.

But it isn´t just the look of the restaurant that pleases me. The staff is awsome. They have managed to balance giving their guest the feel of luxury and world class dining with a down to earth attitude and sense of humor. They know their stuff, but they don´t preach it, which makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. I love that!

geranium geranium geraniumThe wine list is good. Like many of the Copenhagen restaurants, there is a growing focus on organic and brut nature, but there are still wonderful classics and traditional bottles of wine to be found here. That also makes me happy. As we often do when eating several courses, we start up with a bottle of Champagne. After listening to my preferences, the sommelier recommended that we tried a bottle Oiel De Perdrix Brut Le Corroy by Charles Dufour, and we loved it. It was young, but the Pinot Noire and production way gave it texture and taste. And it worked very well with the first dishes.

Then the food came out! One by one. The next even more beautiful and tasty then the previous. What Geranium manages so beautiful, is to create just the right size and number of dishes. For the first time, after eating close to fifteen dishes, I was not feeling like a stuffed pig! All the vegetables, the wheat, the seafood, including the fish, the meat and the sweets were balanced, flavorsome and had long lasting tastes that I just didn´t want to end. geranium geranium geranium

The last thing we did at Geranium was to have a last drink and some tasty petti fours while enjoying the view from comfortable designer chairs.

So yes, I believe that Geranium is the best restaurant in Copenhagen. And perhaps in Scandinavia. It has the view and the look. The staff has excellent knowledge and service. But most importantly, the wine and food is beautiful and tastes amazing!

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