Port Rive Gauche. Beautiful apartments in South Provence

Spacious and good-looking apartments for picky travelers in Provence. Situated in the beautiful and quiet Marseillan, these apartments could be the perfect base for a vacation in South France.Marseillan

Marseillan is much more quiet, less pompous, and has much fewer tourists than the rest of Provence. The houses here are painted in light pastel colors and the atmosphere is lovely. Taking a walk or run alongside the waterfront was a great way to start the day.

Within a short walking distance there are several restaurants and cafés, but the best thing about staying in an apartment instead of a hotel, is that you can make your own food and enjoy your meals at your own pace.

IMG_8185 MarseillanThere is a large supermarket by the city entrance, but if you forgot something or have some needs, the apartment manager will gladly help you out.

The apartments come in different sizes, but the one we rented had two large bedrooms and a porch facing the water. It had a big dining table and a comfortable sofa, and large windows that opens up the whole wall, for great light and view. Watching the sunset with a glass of Pinot in a comfortable sofa is never wrong!

ProvenceWe had five nights at this place, and that was just the right amount. You have to drive for a few minutes to get to the beach. And like all other beaches in South of France during the summer, it could be quite busy. But we found a place where the sunbeds and umbrellas didn´t bankrupt us and a couple of lunch places that wasn´t too bad. There are not too many great wining and dining places along the beaches in Provence, but as long as you accept that, a few days will be all right.  Regardless, our days at the apartment in Port Rive Gauche were delightful. It was the national day in France on July 14th, and we had a front row view to the fireworks. A memorable experience at a memorable place.IMG_8149 Port R G

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