Shine fashion shop in Trondheim

ShineShine is one of my all time favorite clothing shops with some of my favorite designers. It is definitely the best fashion shop in Trondheim.

With brands like Étoile Isabel Marant, Aiayu, Le Backhand, Heartmade, Nué Notes, Lovechild, Aesop, Tom Wood and Victoria Beckham, Shine manages to melt a lot of women’s heart as they enter the shop.

When Charlotte de Stael Von Holstein opened her current shop in 2013, she managed to show her identity and background from Paris in her interior. It is stylish, but warm and welcoming, and the service is impeccable. I could spend hours in here… shineshop Shinetrondheim

ShineIf you can´t make it into this fantastic shop, stop by for some unique and wonderful shopping!

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