Villa Vignamaggio, hotel in Tuscany

Villa Vignamaggio is a beautiful hotel in the Tuscan hills. It is old, grand and charming. It has two pools, a wonderful garden, a good Italian breakfast and it is close to some of the best restaurants in the area.

We got to look at two different rooms. They are clean and spacious, but the design is old school Italian with dark furniture and heavy fabrics. So if you are looking for a modern design hotel, this is not the right place for you.

My favorite thing about this hotel is the wonderful garden. It is so big that you can make it a workout if you include a couple of rounds up and down the hills from the lower parts and up to the hotel reception. If you want to keep on with the healthy stuff, there is a small gym and even a spa area. Once again, design and modern equipment not so much, but the massage was pretty good and the treadmill works. The view to the beautiful garden makes up for much.

There are a couple of restaurants at the hotel. One of them perfect for a great outdoor lunch, and the other with a great kitchen for dinner. The menu changes every day and is presented in the reception where you can book a table.

Being such a fancy place, it wasn´t specially catered for children, but we weren´t the only one that brought them, and it was fine. Especially hanging by the pool at the end of the property, they could play and have fun without feeling that we were bothering someone. But I would say that this is a place more for couples and mature guests than young, single and with playful kids.

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