Where to find the best hotels

It isn´t always easy knowing where to find the right hotels for your trips. Knowing what website to trust or which hotels to pick…These are the websites I use. They all execute good customer service and high standards when it comes to both the service and the design of the hotels they sell.hotel


This is my favorite! Good looking website and easy to navigate. I especially like the “map” search where you locate the area you want to go, and then the website finds the hotels they recommend in that area. Great to use while you are on the road and getting ready to find a shelter for one night… or several, if you like the hotel. I have booked from this website many times, and never experienced any problems.


Good looking website that is easy to navigate in. Service is fast and good, and I like their taste and choices.

Relais & Chataux

Especially in France and Italy it is fun to stay at these historic and beautiful hotels. This is the site to locate hotels with soul and personality far from mainstream tourism.hotellet

Mr & Mrs Smith

Romantic, luxurious and self experienced. They are really good at telling us what we need to know about the hotels and surroundings, both pros and cons. They also have a great feature on their website where they recommends various hotels depending on your preferences, like “honeymooners”, “vintage”, “child or pet friendly”, “gourmet” or “deserted island”. Great if you just know what you want but not where. You can also choose between several levels of memberships, where you will get certain benefits when you arrive at your destination. I like their taste and they have never disappointed me. 

Small Luxury hotels of the world

This is the site to locate hotels that you wouldn´t find everywhere else. They have done a great job discovering small treasures around the world.Hotell


This website has a “hand-picked portfolio of beautiful boutique hotels, B&Bs and houses for rent in some of the world´s most stunning locations”. I like that they offer rooms in all price ranges, but still with a focus on design and service. It is up to you if you want full service or self-catering. Their website is easy to navigate on and they have a lot of great suggestions. 


Tablets hotels have a few more hotels on their list, but they still have a strong focus on design and quality. Their promise to us is “all the hotels that matter, effortless online booking at the lowest available prices, and live, dependable customer service”. Not bad! I have never done a booking on this website, but I have visited several hotels on their list.


I just discovered this website and have never booked with them. But I think they had a good selection of hotels I haven´t found on other search sites.

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