Experiencing It

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It is important to be content with your everyday life and live for the normal days, and not just focus on the extraordinary happenings. Usually, I am quite content with my life. I have a family and a home that I love and are very proud of, and some of the little things in life are the ones I appreciate the most. I love hanging out in my sofa under a stack of pillows, watching British crime on my TV, reading a magazine or do some type of handicraft. And hopefully with something tasty on my plate and in my glass. But once in a while I get restless and want to get out of the house for a few days and get some new input and experiences.

When you are going on a trip, it is not just the trip that brings you pleasure, but the planning, the looking forward part, and then the memories in the aftermath. I appreciate all the components.

As we grow older and have more experience, preferences change. You may have a bit more money to spend, and if you have a family, the foam parties and loudest bars may not be the highlight of the trip anymore. The destinations and hotels presented here fills all our requirements for great service, good design, comfortable and good looking rooms on the right location and with the right atmosphere.

Enjoy It!