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I love the Italian kitchen!

I hardly ever get sick of pizza or pasta. I can never get enough tartar. I love mozzarella cheese, and the steaks here tastes like real beef! And then there is the wine… I don´t think there are any other country that can offer so many different and great wines as Italy. At least that is how I feel. I absolutely love the sangiovese grape that we find in Tuscany. The nebbiolo from Piedmont is one of the best grapes in the world. And then you have small pearls like the moscato.

We have had the pleasure of spending several vacations and weekends in this fabulous country. We have eaten good, great and excellent food. The only negative thing about this is that you get kind of picky after a while. Luckily, there are several more good restaurants than bad in this country. Especially if you stay clear from the mainstream and touristic places.

All the restaurants that I write about here are very good, and I hope you get to visit and enjoy some of them…