Oslo – My town

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and my home. The selection of great places to dine is increasing, and so is the level of service, taste, quality and variation. What I do miss is the smaller places that serve healthy, ecological, high quality and good value meals. Especially for lunch. We also need more places that serve great coffee and smaller meals and snack that have lounge areas with comfortable chairs and free Wi-Fi.

As the selection of great restaurants in Norway increases, it becomes more and more difficult to choose where to dine out when the opportunity rises. But I have some favorites that I keep coming back to. Due to their excellent food, great selection of wine and of course, fantastic service. Hopefully you´ll get the same positive experiences.

This is a selection of the best restaurants in Oslo:

| Alex Sushi | Bon Lio |Cru | Delicatessen | Eik Annen Etage | Fauna | Food Story | Hanami | Kolonihagen | Kontrast | Lille Saigon | Maemo | Nighthawk Diner | Noode | Nori Sushi | Oriental | Palace Grill | Plah | Restaurant Eik | Restaurant Fjord | Riwaj | Statholdergaarden | Südøst | Taco Republica | Trattoria Populare | Villa Paradiso | Ylajali |