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Dining out can be everything from pure necessity to pure pleasure and a lot of fun. If you are on vacation and are staying at a hotel without any chance to create your own meals, you may not have a choice, but then it is important to do a little research, to make the experience a good one. But if there is no time or opportunity to research, it is always smart to ask the locals or the hotel staff where they prefer to eat. That usually results in a great experience, both in taste and price.
I love to dine out. Whether it is together with my children, with friends, or alone with my husband.

There are several different restaurants, and each great in its own time. A Sunday night after a rough Saturday, the only thing on my mind could be a juicy kebab, while if there is something special to celebrate, you may choose a more fancy dish and restaurant. You can eat French, Italian, Asian or Creole. Fish, meat, vegetarian, pizza or pasta. Raw, fried, baked, foamed or braised. With Cocoa Cola or Champagne, beer or sake. Expensive or cheap. So then… Just make your choice;)
These are some of my favorites. Some far, far away and others just around the corner.

Especially when going to the bigger cities, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. You may get lucky, and find a great spot. But if you do some research in advance, you will hopefully end up in a place where the locals eat, where the food will taste like heaven, and you don´t have to eat your meal in a room full of tourists.

Antico Podere Tota Virginia

The Cosmopolitan Gourmet and the Manhattan Gourmet

Svartskog Kolonial

Maaemo – The best restaurant in Norway… at least!

Ganymed Brasserie – French in Berlin

ULA – Japanese in Berlin

Tenuta San Pietro, Design hotel close to Lucca.

Osteria Veglio, La Morra

Magnus & Magnus, M2. Great food. Great wine. Great prices.

Hello Monkey – Asian delight in Gothenborg

Dorint Hotel & Spa, Bad Brueckenau

Palace Grill. A legendary restaurant in Oslo.

Compartir – The best restaurant in Cadaques

Es Cau – Excellent food & atmosphere in Cadaques

Pla – Modern, Spanish food in old Barcelona.

Cal Pep – The best Tapasbar in Barcelona!

Dos Palillos – Brilliant Asian Tapas in Barcelona

Bar del Pla – Fantastic Tapas, service and wine in Barcelona

Neri Restaurant – A Beautiful spot in Barcelona

Osteria Centro Storico – Serralungas finest!

Hakkasan – Asian fusion in London

Noma- the number one restaurant in the world!

The Boundary Restaurant in London is french inspired & excellent!

Nobu in Mayfair – The best Japanese food in London

Alex Sushi is a world class sushi restaurant in Oslo

Taco Republica. Perhaps the Best Mexican food in Oslo

Papibou – an unpretential and wonderful tapas restaurant

Bissoh – Excellent Sushi in Beaune, France

Le Chef Coq – Typical French food in beautiful surroundings

At Loui Jules in Bremen I had the best steak ever!

Ma Cuisin. Traditional French restaurant in Beaune

Castel Tres Girard is a fancy restaurant in Morey St. Denise

Caveau Des Arches – One of the best restaurants in Beaune

Hotel & Restaurant Les Avises by Domaine Jacques Selosse

Enoclub. Modern Italian kitchen in Alba

La Grillade Gourmande in Epernay is excellent!

Au Petit Comptoir is a great bistro in Reims

Bovio in La Morra is on my top ten restaurant list

Locanda Borgo Antico – Posh dining in Piedmont

Ristoro di Lamole – my favorite restaurant in Tuscany

Elmas Handel – A wonderful café in Hemsedal

Osteria More e Macine is the heart of La Morra

Trattoria Cibréo in Firenze is unforgettable

Il Santo Bevitore. Unpretentious and lovely food in Florence.

Osteria dell´Arco is the best restaurant in Alba.

La Salita – Monforte d´Albas most chilled restaurant!

Per Bacco in La Morra has the best Pizza in the area.

Indiana Kenanga – Beautiful Botique hotel at Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Höst – one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen!

SMAG – Ecological food in Ebeltoft