Alila Villas Uluwatu – The most wicked hotel in the world?

Alila Villas UluwatuAlila Villas Uluwatu in Bali is an architectural diamond with world-class design, impeccable service, kick-ass rooms, delicious food and a view to die for! It also has the highest level of Environmentally Sustainable Design certification.

“We all have our different criterions for what we consider being “the best” when it comes to hotels. This goes for the design, atmosphere, standard, location, food, wine, service and so on. I love to visit architectural treasures, but if the other elements aren’t just as great, looks means less. This is definitely not the case at Alila Villas Uluwatu”. Alila Villas Uluwatu

At Alila Uluwatu most of my prerequisites were met way within the margins. The hotel is situated in the South end of Bali, surrounded by beautiful cliffs and the ocean. The hotel is designed by WOHA Architects who focuses on a fusion of practicality and invention. It looks like a million dollar, and it is difficult not to be in awe when you enter the premises of Alila Uluwatu. It is absolutely amazing! I suggest you start every morning with a refreshing swim in your private pool before you enter the daily Yoga classes…

Check out Soori Bali. Used to be a member of the Alila Hotels.

I love the food in Bali, and the Alila Villas does not disappoint. For breakfast there are several healthy and tasty choices, and you can feel free to order everything on the menu if you like. The juices and smoothies are wonderful. For lunch and dinner there are several choices, because the hotel has two restaurants in addition to room service. Since the rooms are so mind blowing, we found it hard to leave during the day, so we ended up ordering room service every day for lunch, which was no problem, because there were several Asian and international dishes to choose from, and they are served in style!

Alila Villas Uluwatu Alila Villas Uluwatu Alila Villas UluwatuThe rooms! I tell you. There is a large bed in a spacious and comfortable room, which opens up in the front and lets in the surroundings and the view. A double sofa/bed for the kids separates the room from the private pools, so you can literarily just roll out of bed and into the wonderful water. The bathroom area is separated with a partial wall, and you find a tub with a view, a his and hers sink with plenty of his and hers amenities, like shampoo, soap, facial mist, sun block and so on. Every night, while you have been enjoying dinner in one of the restaurants, the staff has closed all doors and curtains for you in your room. And they have left you a small gift on your pillow, and next to your fresh water you will find the his and hers lip balm for the night… Don´t you just love being cared for in ALL possible ways? I tell you, this place rocks!

In addition to your private pool, there are comfortable lounge chairs and a large sunbed with a roof and plenty of pillows. There is an outdoor shower, of course, and a hi-fi system that serves you just the right music for your state of mind.Alila Villas Uluwatu Alila Villas Uluwatu       Alila Villas Uluwatu

The Alila spa is also amazing, both when it comes to selection, quality saff and lounge area. The rooms could have been more exciting, but who cares when you have your eyes closed enjoying the treatment most of the time, anyway.

Alila Villas UluwatuOne of the most enjoyable moments we had at Alila Uluwatu was when we a rare moment enjoyed the spectacular view by the amazing, sizeable pool situated between the restaurants and the ocean. Suddenly, about twenty small monkeys decided to join us. Fun for all ages, as long as you hold on to your camera and phone.

Staying at a hotel like Alila Uluwatu is a one time experience for most of us, because it doesn´t come cheap. It definitely is a place for special occasions and it will create unforgettable (and green) footprints in your reminiscences… It is absolutely mind-blowing!

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