Cacciano Chianti Classico, 2004. A botle I will never forget

The Chianti Classico from Cacciano

There are times when you drink a wine that gives you instant pleasure. This Chianti did exactly that for me.

Like he has done so well before, Giuseppe at the fantastic wine shop in Luca, Enoteca Vanni, recommended this bottle for me. I was looking for full-bodied Chiantis with the little extra. I love the sangiovese grape, but it doesn´t always result in the most exciting wine. This bottle was fantastic. I didn´t open it before I got home, and I regretted not buying more the second I tasted it.

The very next time we went to Tuscany, we visited the vineyard. The drive up there was fantastic, and the view was breathtaking. But the tasting was, I am very sad to say, a bit disappointing. It became obvious that the 04 vintage was the only one in the last few years that was supergreat. The others were ok, but still far away from the one I fell in love with. It never ceases to amaze me that when you take the same grape, from the same stocks and make the same wine in the exact same way, it can taste so completely different. The weather really makes all the difference.

So if you stumble across a Cacciano Chianti Classico from 2004, buy it! If not for you, than for me!

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