Legras – fresh and tasty Champagne.

Legras makes fresh, crisp and fruity Champagne that ages great, but tastes wonderful fresh as well.

One of the first vintage champagnes that I ever had the pleasure of tasting was the 1998 Legras Presidence with Black Label. I liked it a lot, and one of the people I enjoyed the bottle with said it was the best Champagne he had ever tasted. Later I tried the 2002 of the same label, but for me, it was a bit too acidic, bitter and young. But I am sure it is a vintage worth waiting for. When it tasted this young at the age of ten, it will probably stay fresh and wonderful for a very long time… Presidence was made in 1995,1998 and 2002.

But it was when I tasted the Gold labeled St. Vincent 1990 that I truly fell in love. What a trip! It was full-bodied, but still fresh. Had a dark and beautiful color and less bobbles than the younger bottles have, but my oh my, I am sure this is what paradise tastes like!

This champagne is only made in their best vintages, and their last ones has been 1969, 1971,1973, 1976, 1981, 1983, 1988, 1990, 1996 and 2000 (none of the same years when they made Presidence). I have also enjoyed their 96, which is also wonderful, but the 2000 is not on the market yet (at least not in Norway). Legras has made a decision not to put the wine on the market before it is mature enough and ready to drink. Perhaps the sale will start as soon as the importers run out of the 1996 vintage, or perhaps not. I guess it is part of the fun to keep an eye open for the good bottles to hit the stores!

Legras makes five different types of Champagne; Brut, Rosé, Presidence, with a black label, St. Vincent with gold label and Evanecense. The latter was only produced in 2002, and I have not had the pleasure of tasting it… yet;) We are lucky enough to vista the winery, and had a fantastic tasting. Recommending it!


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