Champagne Beer from Estrella

During my last trip to Barcelona, I fell in love with a champagne beer called Estrella Inedit. I think I first fell in love with the description of it (Champagne Beer…!), and then the actual beer. It is extremely fresh and crisp. It has a light color and a slight citrus taste to it. This beer goes well with most of the dishes you could drink both lighter white wine and beer to. My favorite so far is with Sushi and spicy Asian food.

In my family we have a tradition for eating dried and salted lamb chops for Christmas (Pinnekjoett), and it is quite challenging to find a drink that goes well with this meal, because of all the grease and salt. But the Estrella Inedit absolutely did! The freshness of the beer was perfect both on taste and the thirsty feeling you get from all the salt.

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