Nogne O

Nogne O is an independent brewery from Grimstad in Norway. It was founded in 2002, and the name means ”Naked Island” in old Danish language. The brewery produces a large range of various beers ranging from light and bitter to darker ale. Their goal is to make “ale of highest quality, personality and individuality”, and they use the best ingredients available. By 2009 they had made 32 different bottles, all with their own individual taste and creative name. Some of them are produced regularly, others seasonally or just once. My favorite ones are Wit, Blonde, and Indian Pale Ale. Even if they can be a bit difficult to find where you usually shop for beer and cost a bit more, I think it is well worth the hunt and the cash. The beer is great tasting, fresh and almost feels healthy to drink!

Recently they also opened Europe´s first Sake brewery producing some great tasting Yamahai sake. I was very surprised how good they smelled and how great they tasted, and even more surprised when I tried the Sakebeer. It is called Red Horizon, and I strongly advice you all to try it!

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