Champagne from Louis Roederer, Cristal 89.

Cristal is an exclusive and tasty Champagne. The 89 vintage was fruity, fresh and beautiful!Cristal

This was my first taste of Cristal. Due to the gold label and high price, Cristal has an image of exclusivity. I have always associated the bottle with the American hip-hop culture, and didn´t really have too high expectations of the taste.

But I was wrong!

The blend of Pinot noir and Chardonnay gives it a clear depth. It smelled wonderful from the second the bottle was opened, and elements of citrus, apple and butter came through. It had the same elements in taste. It was wonderfully balanced, fruity and elegant. This was a very good bottle!

I served a modern style shrimp cocktail with it. Containing, in addition to freshly peeled shrimp, water melon, honey melon and cucumber. The dressing was made of crème fresh, chili and drops of lemon juice. Fresh, fruity and spicy.

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