Das Stue. Great design hotel in Berlin.

I love staying at hotels where everything is so close to perfect.

The room, the entrance, the hallway, the bar, the lounge, the service, the restaurant, the bed, the spa area, the location, and even the choice of nuts in the bar… Everything was great! And suitable for a trip with your friend, your family or just your lover. Situated next to the Berlin Zoo we had horses, kangaroos, lamas, antelopes and ostriches bouncing around outside our window. Entertainment for all ages.

The hotel is brand new, and it shows. Not in a bad way, but it IS lovely to have a bed and a shower when you know you´re not sharing it with too many others, and everything is quite high tech. There is a lovely apple computer with both internet and TV, and the light and ac system is fancy and easy. I also loved the design of the room, which is light and generously spaced. You can open or close a sliding door between the bed and the bathroom area in some of the rooms. Toilets separate, of course. It looks good and feels fresh.

The hotel has a gourmet restaurant, but because it was closed the two nights we were there (Sunday and Monday), we didn´t get to try it. But both the menu and the wine list looked very appealing. The chef is Paco Perez. He is Spanish and has earned four previous Michelin stars. This is his first project outside Spain.

You may choose to eat breakfast here at the hotel, or you can do what we did, and walk for five minutes into the park to a lovely café. They had glorious breakfast with all kinds of eggs, yoghurt, fruit and cereal, freshly baked buns, freshly squeezed orange juice, good coffee and extra crispy bacon (which is a must have for me). The sun was shining and we got to eat outside, looking at a small lake and huge, beautiful trees in addition to the very much in love couple sitting next to each other, looking like they really didn´t need no food… 

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