Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg. Lush, plush and velvety luxury!

Hotel PigalleHotel Pigalle in Gothenburg has it all; Location, atmosphere, great service, spacious, unique and lavish rooms and a great restaurant

Gothenburg is still one of my all time favorite cities, and I am happy to have discovered Hotel Pigalle. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends or somewhere to relax and revitalize if you are on a business trip. The ambiance hits you as soon as you enter the double doors and into what feels like old-school Paris. The velvety furniture, ornamental wallpapers and glorious art is perfectly lit up and creates a warm and unique atmosphere. I loved it, and my man did too! hotel pigalle

The rooms are really spacious and they are all unique and distinctive. I especially loved the lounge area with a comfortable sofa to chill in. It makes you feel like home at the same time as you enjoy the comfort of staying at a hotel. I also loved the shower. Powerful and beautiful at the same time.

The breakfast is also marvelous. It is located on the top floor, at the wonderful Atelier Restaurant. With an open fire in the kitchen, deep and comfortable sofas placed throughout the loft, several candles and fresh flowers, it is a good place to be. They serve fresh bread, fresh juice, eggs, ham, cheese and jam, and it all tastes good. Berries for the yoghurt and home made granola, and a smoothie that tastes good and feels healthy. The perfect way to start your day!

lobbyhotel pigallesengIt is not always the case that superb hotels have good restaurants. Hotel Pigalle does! The dishes are fresh, innovative and tasty. Chech it out!

“Gothenburg is a wonderful city to chill, shop and dine. And I know where I´ll be staying for my next visits…”

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