Hello Monkey – Asian delight in Gothenborg

Hello Monkey is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world. Regardless of type, city, and menu. They serve fusion Asian. Just the right size dishes, just the right amount to choose from, ok wine list, but a better beer menu, laid back atmosphere and great service. The menu is well balanced and easy to understand. What you get on your plate is just what you ordered. This restaurant is worth a few hours of travel to eat at!

Hello Monkey has now become two restaurants in Gothenburg. There is one at Magasingatan, which is the original one, and one in Linnégatan. They have the same concept but different menus. I have enjoyed the one at Magasingatan several times, but was yet again impressed when I got to try the new one. Especially their Sake menu.Hello monkey

Neither of the restaurants are too fancy, but has a great and laid back atmosphere suitable both for couples, friends, groups and families.

Hello Monkey, Magasingatan

This one has a downstairs restaurant for more privacy and late night dining, and an upstairs area with a bar and more café style tables. On sunny days, they even have a great outdoor dining area. The two latter perfect for a quick lunch together with some great beer.

The first dish I remember from this place is a sesame seared tuna filet with wasabi mayo and a salad of sprouts with soy and sesame oil dressing. To die for. We tried to copy the dish, and you will find the recipe here. Other great dishes they serve are some amazing dumplings, grilled shrimps and chicken and fantastic meatballs and mushroom salad. The also have sushi and/or sashimi. But the one thing that this restaurant does better than any other place that I have ever been to, is the vinaigrettes and dressing department. They have just the right balance of sweet, sour, and spicy, and they taste close to perfect! I wish there were words beyond Loving It that I could use when describing them!

Hello Monkey, Linnégatan

We had a fantastic evening here early spring. The four of us got a table outside in the “tent”, and with blankets and heating lamps, the temperature was just as great as inside. I recommend eating outside if possible.

The girls each got a virgin drink while we tried a couple of their alternative mojitos with ginger and chili. Vergy good!

Edamame beans are loved by me, but also my oldest girl. I think she could eat a bucket on her own. These had just the right amount of salt on them and were yummy. We ordered some sashimi and dumplings for the girls, and tried the fried soft shell crabs and Japanese raw beef. But the two best dishes were the baby scallops sashimi salad with pickled cauliflower with jalapeno- and lemon vinaigrette, and pork belly roll with hoisin. Fantastic taste, both of them. I am still trying to copy that cauliflower.

Another fantastic surprise at this restaurant was their selection of Sake. I have been a fan of the Norwegian brewery Nogne O for a while, but I had no idea that they produced Sake (which is a rice wine from Japan). They are supposedly the first sake brewery in Europe. We tried three different ones, and they were all very aromatic and tasty. Instead of serving them in a small ceramic jug with even smaller ceramic cups, they came in wine glasses. Both the smell and the taste were surprisingly good. And then, just to add to the great tastes and surprises that evening, our waiter convinced us to try their sakebeer. Nogne O are using the leftovers from their sake production into a production of a very special beer. It is sweet, aromatic and wonderful. And I bet it would taste heavenly with aged and tasty cheese. Especially the blue and green ones.

What a meal!

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