Pasta with morchella and shitake

Pasta with mushrooms, like morchella and shitake, combined with stock and cream, taste excellent and goes well with a nice bottle of Barolo.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right dish for your bottle of wine. Especially the lighter and more elegant. This pasta dish is easy to make, and can be enjoyed with or without a glass or two of Barolo or Barbera.

If you use dry mushrooms (which is very good), let them soak in water for a few hours, and use this water as your stock!

This is what you need:


A handful of mushrooms, I chose morchellas and shitake.




Parmesan cheese

Salt and Pepper

You can also include some garlic and Charlotte onions if you like


This is what you do:

Boil your pasta of choice al dente

Dry roast your mushrooms in a pan (or if you already cooked some meat, roast them in the leftover grease)

Add some butter, salt and fresh pepper

Add a little bit stock (calf or beef)

Just before serving, add some cream. This is not a “runny” sauce, so don´t put too much fluid in

Drain your pasta and stir in the mushrooms

Shred some Parmesan cheese over if you like,

“-and pour that glass of wine to enjoy together with the pasta”

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