Höst – one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen!

HøstSome have described Höst as the “little sister” of the more famous Noma. But rated ”The Worlds best design restaurant 2013” by Restaurant & Bar Design Awards and considering the excellent food and wine they serve, Höst is much more than that!Høst

Stepping in to this restaurant was mesmerizing. I loved every part of the interior. The large windows, the furniture, all the green plants, the plates, the decorations and the atmosphere. Both the furniture and interior set the tone for a warm atmosphere and great surroundings to enjoy a meal. This is the way to create the perfect place to eat!

HøstAnd my enthusiasm didn’t end there. The staff was really nice, the menu was small but looked good, and it changes frequently. And then one of my favorite Champagne was on the wine list. We ordered a bottle of Initiale by Jacques Selosse. It is powerful and goes very well with most kinds of food. Even meat.IMG_2166 Höst

When the food arrived, it didn’t make me less happy. It both looked and tasted beautiful. Like a lot of the Scandinavian restaurants these days, Höst focuses on ecological and short travelled food. Simplicity is also a key word. It started with the best snack in the world. Bacon crisp. Then some baked pastry. A small soup and “beer bread”. Grilled Cray fish served with smoking juniper. The plate tasted like a combination of the ocean and the forest. The suckling pig was yummy and juicy, but my favorite of the night was still the entrecote. So tender and lean and so full of taste. Contrary to Noma, Höst is the kind of restaurant you could eat at several times a week. The taste and ambience is so flawless but kept so simple that you wouldn´t tire from it. And the price of the meal is also low.Høst

The restaurant has a chambre séparaée downstairs which is perfect for up to twenty people. I wouldn´t mind gathering my best friends there for a feast. You should never visit Copenhagen without stopping by Höst!

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