Pla – Modern, Spanish food in old Barcelona.

Everything is great about this wonderful restaurant in Barcelona. The size, the service, the price, the décor, the location and, of course, the wine and food. The food is modern and influenced by both the Asian, French and Italian kitchen. The servings are perfect, the staff knows which wine to serve with the food, even if the wine list isn´t the biggest in town, and the check at the end makes you keep smiling after a wonderful experience. 

I have been to Pla three times, once with a group, once on a double date, and once with a baby in a bag and a two year old who ended up sleeping on my lap. Once again I have to say how great it is to be welcomed at such a fancy restaurant when you have children with you.

I especially love the design in this restaurant. The combination of modern and historic artifacts with a dark but airy atmosphere works perfect in here. I remember the meat and the starters being especially good, but like so many other restaurants, the menu changes frequently depending on the seasons and availability.

A visit to Pla is a must when you want to try something else than Tapas and a restaurant witch is a bit more “fancy” than a lot of the others.

Pla has a sister restaurant called Bar del Pla witch is a more traditional place, but the food is (at least) just as good.

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