Hotel & Restaurant Les Avises by Domaine Jacques Selosse

Light and clean design, spacious rooms, a great tasting restaurant, and connected to one of the best Champagne houses. Loving It!Hotel les avises

Hotel Les Avises is run by Anselme and his wife Corinne. They also operate the Domaine Jacques Selosse, which is one of my favorite Champagnes.

Les avisesThey bought the place when they needed more room to store their bottles, and immediately wanted to turn parts of it into a hotel and gastronomic center. And what a job they have done!IMG_9280

The hotel has a very friendly atmosphere even if it is classy and filled with designer elements. They have managed to keep the luxurious feeling of staying at a nice hotel at the same time as you feel at home. This is definitely one of the nicest rooms we have stayed at. Like most other hotels in the Champagne area, there is no pool here, but it really didn´t Jacques Selossematter. You could cool off in your beautiful room or in the lounge areas, or take a walk through the narrow streets of Avize.


AvisesThe restaurant at this hotel is superb. I really love the dining area. It is small and intimate, and you can look straight up and see what the chefs are up to. It makes dining here very personal. Almost like you know the people that are cooking for you. And the Chef Stéphane Rossillon is a very nice man (None of the people that work at Les Avises speak very much English, but it really doesn´t matter). The food is adventurous and creative, and the wine list is filled with all the available vintages of Jacques Selosse. Could you ask for anything more?IMG_9342 IMG_9338 Restaurant

The restaurant area is also where you eat your breakfast, and that too is very good. Any cravings you may have, Stéphane will fix for you. Especially if you are six years old with long hair, blue eyes and a great smile… I think the kids loved this place just as much as I did. I am definitely coming back here!

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