Son Gener. A sanctuary in Mallorca

This may be the most beautiful place I have ever stayed at. When you are at the hotel, it is impossible to say if you are in Spain or Italy, but that doesn´t matter, cause you may just as well be in Paradise. The beautiful area, buildings, garden and pool areas and the calm and tranquil atmosphere at this hotel is good for people at all ages, and when you get here, you just don´t want to leave…

… and you don´t have to. If there is anything you need and lust for, just ask the kind people who work there, cause they really aim to please.

The Son Gener Hotel has an “old” and a “new” building, but they both look stunning. There are just eleven rooms here, and you can almost spend a whole day here and not see or talk to any of the other guests. If that is what you prefer. We had two rooms in the “new” house, which were very beautiful. Light, open and comfortable. They both had big, beautiful bathrooms, one with a big window, and the same room also had a stairway up to a roof terrace with a stunning view. There were also private gardens outside with comfortable sun beds and again, a great view. The house had a very cool and comfortable lounge area with a big fireplace, and artsy lamps all over the place.

There are two pool areas by the hotel, but we preferred the one by our building. You could actually see all the way to the ocean from there, past the olive trees and the mountains. The pool is black and decorated with round and beautiful rocks, which the girls loved to play with. The sun beds were comfortable and the smell of the lavender plants completed the true happiness we felt when we enjoyed our time by this pool.

When going to the second pool area, you get a beautiful walk through an olive alley, the older house and a garden. There you also find a spa area with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and a yoga room with open doors on two of the walls. I got to try a yoga class with a Spanish master, and it was the second best yoga view I have had the pleasure of enjoying. And luckily he spoke great English!

The hotel is located close to Son Servera on the east coast of Mallorca, but the great thing about Mallorca is the size. You can almost reach every part of the island within an hour, and the roads here are new and good. The smaller ones are beautiful and exciting. I am really falling in love with this island. Mallorca is like a miniature Spain, and Palma a miniature Barcelona. Palma has great shopping, fantastic buildings and a lot of good restaurants to enjoy. Add sun, beaches and a beautiful landscape, and you get the perfect vacation destination. In addition to fall being a great time to visit, I believe that the spring will also be beautiful. Summer is hot and a bit more crowded, but probably close to just as lovely!

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