L´Assiette Champenoise – A hotel by Arnaud Lallement

AssietteA visit to Arnaud Lallements hotel in Reims is an unforgettable experience due to the impressive traditional building on the outside, the contemporary design on the inside and the famous restaurant.

Driving up towards L´Assiette Champenoise, I felt like a queen. The building looks like an old Swiss-inspired castle surrounded by a beautiful park. The inside of the hotel was completely different. All modern, but just as impressing.Assiette

This hotel had the biggest room we have ever stayed at. There were plenty of space for both a stage and a dance floor. Even in the bathroom. And our double bed was big enough to fit a couple of assiettefamilies. And I have never stayed at a room with so many different designer lamps. As soon as I figured out where all the different light-switches were, it was very cool.

I loved absolutely everything about this hotel, but the kids´ favorite thing was the pool. They finally got to swim and play around in the water. And we all know that happy kids make happy parents.assiette

Even if the hotel is located just outside of Reims city center, where a lot of great restaurants are located, the best restaurant in the area is at the hotel. With no less than two stars in guide de Michelin, the famous Champagne chef Arnaud Lallement has created a contemporary restaurant, which is quite impressive. This was the best meal we had on the whole trip. And perhaps even the best meal ever.

assietteSo if you want to feel like royal for a while, visit Arneaud Lallements hotel and restaurant. Great for special occasions and life long memories.


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