Milos – A Cycladic diamond

FiriplakaMilos is becoming a favorite island in the Cyclades because of its many spectacular beaches, chill atmosphere, good food and great hotels.

When travelling to Milos, you arrive in Adamas, and it is a very good place to be. The restaurants are nice, clean and tasty, the ice cream is wonderful, the shops are varied, and there is even a wine store here. I suggest you stock up here both on Champagne, micro brewed beer and the Greek assyrtico grape, which is best handled by Gaia.

Milos is a beautiful Island, and if you plan on visiting the many beaches, I suggest you rent a car. In July or August, you should book in advance, even if the prices are high. The second largest town in Milos is Pollonia. This is also, I believe, the best place to stay. You should also stop by Plaka for a sunset and dinner. A lot of craft shops and a beautiful walk with stunning views.

The Beachesbeachmilos

Milos is the best Cycladic Island to visit if your number one priority is beautiful beaches. As we all know, the Cyclades have a lot of windy days (which is one of the reasons why the temperature is always perfect), but in Milos, you can always find a beach where the wind will not steal your towel or make the waves too high for your kids. My favorites are many. Sarakiniko, with its breathtaking white cliffs, is THE place to go on the not too windy days. The landscape is so beautiful, and you can choose to hang out on the cliffs where you first meet the ocean, on a tiny, babyfriendly beach, or cross over and spend some time on the outer cliffs where you can jump from as high as you dare, and swim in a natural pool with the clearest water you can imagine.  plaka4

Fyriplaka, where you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, is another favorite beach. There is a small number of beds here, so be early if you want those, Enjoy the comfort and then walk out on the rocks for a dive. And always bring your snorkel. Alogomada beach seems quite secluded at first, but if you stick to the right, you will find a small “pool” protected by the big rock. Apollonia in Pollonia is a favorite for the children, and it is surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars. Paleochori has small rocks instead of sand, which makes it good for windier days. It has a west and eastern part, connected with a small path, and the Deep Blue beach club will offer you a chair and sell you drinks and snacks. Once again, bring your mask and snorkel.

The Hotels

miliagikapetantasosAs mentioned, I prefer to live in Pollonia when I visit Milos. It is a small fishing village surrounded by Apollonia beach and with several good places to eat. The best place for a sunset drink is the Cactus bar. They serve a decent Mojito and good coffee. If a central destination and great interior is important for you, stay at Delmar Apartments and Suites. If spectacular sunsets and privacy is appreciated, Salt is the place to stay. Milia Gi Studios in Pollonia have great design, an excellent location, is brand new and has spacious rooms. I loved to stay here, both because of the design, but also the service offered by the wonderful family that runs the place. Kapetan Tassos Suites are located a few more steps from the town center and beach, but the apartments are stylish and there is a small dipping-pool under the building. Other hotels to check out on the island is Salt (still in Pollonia) and Artemis, which is a designer hotel in the south part of Milos.

The Restaurants

foodOne of the best things about the Greek kitchen is that the food is so unpretentious and available. Most of the restaurants will serve decent salads and local dishes. And the traditional places are usually the best. In Pollonia, you should eat at Enalion, Armenakis and Kivotos. In Adamas, I prefer Mileliko, Marianna and Navagio.

See It

Sarakiniko is definitely a must see in Milos. A stroll in Plaka is also a must.

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