Nobu in Mayfair – The best Japanese food in London

Nobu is a chain of restaurants located in several metropolitan cities. We went to the one in Berkeley St, in Mayfair, London.

The decor is modern, minimalistic but still warm and welcoming. And very cool! As were the staff. We were told that the place was popular with footballers and other famous Londoners. It was the place to be seen… Apart from the obvious demand for such a popular place to look good and feel cool, they also serve the most fantastic Japanese food. We went there for lunch once, but I could definitely go back for dinner that same night… and the next following days. This is just the kind of food I never get enough of. Next time I visit London, I will definitely go back for dinner. I just have to remember to book a table in time. It is quite popular.

I love the standard sushi pieces when I eat Japanese food, like the sashimi, sake and maki. But when you live in a country with the best seafood in the world, you get kind of picky when it comes to the fresh fish. Therefore I prefer to order salads and more untraditional and fusion style dishes. And the chefs here really surprised and amazed me. The Ceviches they served were exciting and perfectly balanced with the fish and the acidity. And the Seared Toro with Yuzu Miso and Jalapeno Salsa was just amazing. The mix of Japanese and Central/South American dishes is almost always a hit with me, and at Nobu, you can even order Sushi Tacos!

If you are going to eat sashimi, go for the new style, and the tartars are also recommended. The Shitake Mushroom Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing is amazing, and I also suggest you try one of the baby spinach salads. And then the finale. When you are going to choose from the Wood Oven part of the menu, try the Wagyu Rump Tataki with Ponzu and Sansyo Zuke Salsa. I like most of my Japanese food to be raw, but if I can, I always choose the Wagyu or Kobe from the menu. It is expensive, but you don´t need much. Trust me! The taste and memory of this meat will stay with you for  weeks… In a good way!

I rarely pick the bento boxes from the menu, but that rule doesn´t count when it comes to dessert. The chocolate bento box is quite nice!

The white wine list is ok, but the Champagne list contains mostly the most prestigious and expensive Champagne where the focus is more on marketing and less on taste. As always, when in Rome… I drink Asahi and Kirin beer, and I ask for sake that is round and elegant on taste. I used to prefer hot sake, but that is slowly changing. The cold ones have more taste and personality, I think. If you get to taste the really good ones, you´ll know what I mean. Try It!

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