Osteria More e Macine is the heart of La Morra

More e MacineWhen ambience, service, easy but wonderful food and an extensive wine list are important, this is the place to eat in La Morra.

This is where the locals eat, and that is always a good sign. SalcicciaThe best part about this place is that it is open from early to late and you can eat whenever you feel like it (most Italian restaurants have set hours for lunch and dinner). Their menu, posted on a board, changes daily. You don´t have to think about anti-pasti, pasta, mains or secondi, just order what you crave and share. If you find out that you need more food, just keep on ordering.

I love the atmosphere at this place. You can sit upstairs or downstairs, outside or on their tiny balcony. Ambience has so much to say for your dining experience, but the service, food and whine here are also awesome. The waiters are down to earth and happy. The wine list is extensive, and this is where we discovered Mascarello and their fantastic Santo Stefano di Perno Barbera. It is one of my favorite Barberas, and their Santo Stefano Dolchetto is almost just as good.

IMG_8273 IMG_8278 IMG_8275 more e macine





The most memorable dishes at More e Macine are the Buffalo Mozarella salad, their tartar and raw salciccia. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Their panna cotta is also awesome.

You can eat and enjoy your wine at More e Macine every day for weeks and never get tired of it!



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