Castel Tres Girard is a fancy restaurant in Morey St. Denise

Castel Tres GirardCastel Tres Girard Restaurant offers good-looking and great-tasting, modern French food served in attractive but a bit pretentious surroundings.Tres Girard

Once in a while I am reminded that I am not the typical wine- and food enthusiast. Especially when I am in France. It is a bit funny, and a bit sad, even if the French aren´t exactly known for their smiling faces and excellent customer serviceBut I had to write about Castel Tres Girard Restaurant because the food there was quite impressive. There were no children’s menu, and it was impossible to split the dishes or change any of them, so we ordered a few appetizers and mains and shared them all. Tres GirardThe dishes were small, impressive and tasty. I was thinking French cuisine at its best, with Asian inspiration, and it turned out that the main chef was Asian (he was the one who guided us towards Bissoh).

Naturally, this fancy restaurant was quite expensive. That also included the wine list. Being situated right in the middle of some great vineyards, we tried some new producers. But I have to admit that I wished we had continued with the producer we just left after a fantastic tasting that same day. If you are ever in this neighborhood (or in a restaurant that has their wine), you have to try some of Domaine Taupenot-Mermes lovely drops. You can´t go wrong.Dessert

Tres GirardThe restaurant is located in a hotel with the same name. It looks very pretty and has four stars, but it is too big and classy for the local charm and atmosphere that I prefer. But still, if you are in the area and in the mood for some really great, fancy and good-looking food, try the Castel Tres Girard Restaurant.

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