Special Club, Champagne

It is a well known fact that Champagne is expensive. And if you want to drink the old stuff, you have to pay even more. The biggest and most famous producers are able to get the best prices for their bottles, and they also have an advantage when it comes to marketing and access to resources.

Special Club, or Club Treèsors de Champaagne, was created in 1971 and is a unique collection of over 25 producers who wants to promote their best bottles of wine, and a jury of peers ensures that every bottle of Special Club put on the market has exceptional quality. The members have to grow their own grapes, and the wine are put on special bottles, but with their own labels on these bottles. Since they are all produced in different vineyards, they all taste different, but they are all extraordinary good!

This means that if you want to buy a bottle of very good Champagne, and perhaps try something different than you are used to or choose from the biggest producers, Special Club Champagne is the way to go. The price is good, and the taste guaranteed.

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