Svartskog Kolonial

Svartskog Kolonial is one of those places where local enthusiasts manage to create an authentic, cozy and honest place where good, homemade and healthy food is served. This is a café where you can bring your family for a small meal, have coffee with a friend or just enjoy a moment to yourself with something good and light to eat.

It looks like their menu changes depending on the season and what they feel like making, and they especially have awesome soups and homemade bread. They also serve wonderful lemonade and other sweet baked products.


In addition to a café, there is also a small shop that sells used and new interior stuff. You can find everything from a cool looking sign to a comfortable pillow, and even a piece of furniture here and there.

I wish my area, my town and the world in general would have more places like this. With great service, healthy tasting food and a wonderful cup of coffee.

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