Carpe Noctem et Diem restaurant in Bra

Carpe Noctem et Diem is a spacious restaurant in many ways. The food, the size and the service.

anti pastiRight by the amazing Banco del Vino in Bra, you will find Carpe Noctem et Diem. It has servings both inside and outside, and the outside area is under a roof. Very practical under the hot, Italian sun. What is also practical, is that they have made a great playground for the kids in full view from the tables. And even that area has a large umbrella to protect your kids from the sun while they are playing.

The best thing about this place is still the food. Two of our good friends had arranged for us to enjoy a surprise lunch here, ordering their favorite dishes offered on the menu. We got a lot of fantastic food, but the Vitello Tonnato was so amazing that we had to order extras. I can still remember how soft the cooked veal felt in my mouth. It practically melted. Also, their steak was absolutely fantastic. They served it with four types of salt, which is both innovative and good.

Before we had lunch here, we had a fantastic tasting in Banco del Vino. When doing a tasting here, you have to buy the bottles. Luckily, we got to finish these bottles during our lunch, but I promise that Carpe Diem et Noctem have a lot of great bottles to choose from. Here, like so many other places, the problem is just which one to choose.

They also have rooms here for rent.

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