Thornstroms Kok, A Micheline star in Gothenburg

menuThornstroms Kok offers traditional French-Scandinavian food in elegant surroundings with a splendid wine list.

Thornstroms Kok is one of the five restaurants in Gothenburg with a Michelin star, and it is one of the more traditional ones. My favorite area of the restaurant is the bar, so I suggest having a drink there before you sit down to enjoy the feast. And it is a feast. You may not get the most fashionable fusion dishes at Thornstroms, but the plates served are all beautiful presented and tastes good.soup JS

Their broth was amazing, and their virgin lobster carpaccio thrilling. I also loved their chicken with cabbage and the cheese dish. All in all, it was a high quality meal worth the money.

dessertThe best thing about this evening though, was the wine. I am a huge fan of Jacques Selosse, and finding his Substance on the wine list gave me a chance to try it. I don´t have to tell you that it rocked! But I will… And it is powerful enough to go with almost all the dishes. But we had a glass of pinot noir with the deer.

Thornstrom is a safe bet for a good experience and great food in Gothenburg. Definitly worth a visit

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