Pasta with Parsley and Pine nuts

This is one of those easy dishes I never get tired of. It is fast, easy, and you can make it everywhere, both home and on the road. You can make it in 15 minutes, and adjust it to your preference. There is also a wine suggestion at the end. Good Luck!Pasta w pine nuts

For two people (or three less hungry):

200-300 g spaghetti (any pasta will do)

3 tablespoons of pine nuts

2 cloves of garlic

A handful of parsley

A handful of small and tasty tomatoes

Half a teaspoon of chopped chili, red or green

Good olive oil

Salt and Pepper


–       Cook your pasta al dente with plenty of salt.

–       Dry roast the pine nuts on your pan and put some salt on them when they are done

–       Chop up a handful of parsley and two cloves of garlic

–       Chop up the tomatoes and chilly too, but these are electives.

–       When the pasta is done, put it to drain while you add olive oil to the pan. The bottom of the pan must be covered, and then some. Add the garlic. The pan must be warm, but don´t fry the food. Add the chili and tomatoes if you want to.

–       Then you put the pasta back into the pan, add the parsley and stir it all together

–       Put the pasta on a plate, or two

–       Add the pine nuts, ground some pepper on and a bit of salt. You can add some more parsley on top for a last touch.

After making this dish once, you figure out if you like to add or change any ingredients or quantity. Make it just the way you prefer and like!

Chambolle-MusignyDrinking with it: If I don´t add too much chili, I prefer a lighter bottle of red wine with this dish. A Barbera or a Pinot Noire will be great.

  Enjoy it!


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