Über Fluss – A desinghotel in Bremen

Uber Fluss Uber FlussDesign hotelMost of the time when we travel, we book our hotels ahead. But sometimes we like to go with the flow and see where we end up. Since we are most happy when our surroundings are beautiful, we usually search for design- or boutique hotels. And one day, while driving from France trough Germany, we found Uber Fluss.

Bremen is not a town I planned on visiting, but I was happily surprised. Our hotel was located right by the river in the downtown area, and there were plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.Uber Fluss Design hotel The hotel is small and good looking. Designer chairs in the lobby and also in the rooms. We got lucky and had an extra room where they made a double bed for the girls. The room also had a cool bathroom and fantastic view over the river. Über fluss restaurantThe girls favorite was the pool and spa area. They loved swimming in the pool while we enjoyed the saunas or did some reading in the lounge chairs.

The highlight of the hotel was still the restaurant “Le Gril by Loui & Julie”. After almost six weeks on a wining and dining trip, I was amazed that the best stake of the trip was enjoyed at this restaurant. It was South American and grilled to perfection on Spanish coals. I still get water in my mouth from thinking about it. Uber Fluss, the restaurant and the town were all great surprises. 2013-08-02 21.17.452013-08-03 11.42.322013-08-02 21.17.32 Uber Fluss

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