Rizes Botique Hotel, Serifos Greece

Rizes hotelBotique Hotel Rizes is a beautiful place to stay with a stunning view, good looking and clean rooms. The hotel also has a very good location and a peaceful atmosphere.

It is rare to stumble upon hotels with this kind of quality and design in the smaller and less visited Greek Islands. I love to visit this area, but I also love cool hotels. Rizes Hotel in Serifos fulfilled my expectations and needs.

The hotel is located on a hill above the main town Livadi and with a gorgeous view over the bay and Chora, which is located on a hilltop. The view can be enjoyed from the bar, restaurant, pool- and lounge area. Magnificent!Rizes Hotel

There are only fifteen rooms at this hotel. Most of them are studios, but still spacious enough to make up two extra beds for two kids, and they all have a nice outdoor area and a small kitchenette. There are two beautiful suites with their own pool. Room number one is the biggest, but room number two is plenty spacious, and I liked the design and atmosphere better here, so it was definitely my favorite. These rooms are very popular during high season, so make sure you book them early if you want to visit.Greek Islands IMG_6912

One of the best things about visiting the Greek Islands is their laid-back kitchen with dishes like Greek salad, tatziki and hummus, which are served everywhere. Hotel Rizes has a good kitchen that offers more refined and advanced dishes, and the chef does a good job. I wish they would put more effort into their breakfast, though, missing the healthy alternatives like granola, fresh juices, fruit and vegetables. But if you prefer pastries for breakfast, you´ll like this one. And they get extra points for very good coffee and exquisite mojitos!

IMG_6873 Rizes hotel room 1Hotel Rizes in Serifos is a unique and beautiful hotel in an island with the same qualities. I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t be happy here.


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