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Restaurant Hallingstuene, Geilo, Norway.
Restaurant Hallingstuene and their wine bar are located in Geilo center with old school Norwegian interior, a cozy atmosphere, traditional food, and one of the best wine lists in ... Read more
Dill Restaurant is the best restaurant in Iceland
  Dill Restaurant, located in the heart of Reykjavik, is one of those “hole in the wall” places that knock you off your feet when it comes to taste and ambience. World Class! Dill ... Read more


Castell'in Villa, the Tuscan Princess
Much can be said about the Greekborn princess Coralia Pignatellei della Leonessa, but she sure knows how to make wine! The Sangiovese grape is one of my favorites, much due to this woman. I ... Read more
Pol Roger Champagne, Brut 1988
Mature, open and still sparkly This bottle of Pol Roger Brut from 1988 has definitely been stored in a good cellar before it reached our home. It comes from a producer that makes really good ... Read more


Skt. Petri Hotel, Copenhagen
Skt. Petri is a grand Design Hotel with a wonderful location right in the middle of Copenhagen. The hotel is recently updated. Skt. Petri Hotel has 288 beautiful rooms and suites, and the ... Read more
Vestlia Resort Geilo, Norway
Vestlia Resort has a beautiful location, a pleasant atmosphere, a world class pool and various rooms to fit your need.  Just above Hardangervidda National Park, surrounded by beautiful mountains, ... Read more


Shine fashion shop in Trondheim
Shine is one of my all time favorite clothing shops with some of my favorite designers. It is definitely the best fashion shop in Trondheim. With brands like Étoile Isabel Marant, Aiayu, Le ... Read more
Milla Boutique – A unique interior shop in Oslo
Milla Boutique has always been the best interior shop in Oslo, but after moving to Aker Brygge, it has become one of the coolest shops in the world. With dark walls, high ceiling and brands like Pols ... Read more

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Grillmarkadurinn in Reykjavik for foodlovers
Grillmarkadurinn is considered to be one of the coolest restaurants in Reykjavik. With its trendy interior, hip atmosphere and ability to surprise confidently during the meal, I think they may be right. Stepping into this very stylish restaurant that Grillmarkadurinn is, the temperature feels so good. Obviously because of the weather outside may be cold, but also because of the atmosphere. The style and interior makes it warm and cool, and a great place to be. Where to stay in ... Read more
101 Design Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland
The 101 Hotel in Reykjavik has a central location, great view, contemporary design and comfort, and a lounge and bar area which is good for both “chillin” and mingling. The 101 Hotel is located almost in the middle of the town, which is great for those of us who loves to stay where things are happening. And if you are lucky, you get a view towards Mount Esja and Harpa, Reykjavisk conference- and cultural center, which has a delightful color spectacle going on.   Read more about what ... Read more
Arborina Relais - New Design Hotel in La Morra
If you are visiting Piedmont and want to stay at an amazing design hotel right in the middle of all the excellent food and wine, Arborina Relais is the right place for you. Arborina Relais is a brand new Designer Hotel in La Morra, Piedmont, which is right in the heart of Barolo-land. The hotel is small but very chick with various designer lamps depending on what room you end up in. The smallest suites on the second floor has the sweetest view, and is highly recommended. It even has a small ... Read more
Martín Berasategui - The best restaurant in San Sebastian?
Martín Berasategui is considered by many to be the best chef in San Sebastian. His fine-looking restaurant, the creative, beautiful and stunning food, together with impeccable service, are all good pointer to that. Entering the restaurant of Martìn Berasategui feels good from the second you step out of your taxi. It is housed in a beautiful, refurnished villa with an elegant entrance, large windows, flowers and candles creating just the right mood. The inside is elegant and spacious. It ... Read more
I love food! Both cooking and eating
I am not a food snob. Just as I am not a wine snob. I just love food. And I love cooking it. Especially for someone who values it. And I also like cooking together with them. Food is important. It is one of the foundations of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and in Wikipedia the physical need is described as the "need for maintenance and defense of the physical body". This sounds both boring and uninspiring, but food is far from that! I like to think that food is a necessary treat and ... Read more
Matbaren by Mathias Dahlgren
Matbaren by Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm is a down-to-earth restaurant where you get the freshest, seasonal ingredients accompanied by a splendid wine list.  I love to sit in the bar whenever I can. Not just for drinks, but where ever they serve easy-going food in a stress-free environment. It almost feels like you are in someone’s kitchen when you can watch the chefs and the staff creating and gather the stuff you will get to enjoy. Both the food and the wine. A bar like Matbaren creates ... Read more