At Loui Jules in Bremen I had the best steak ever!

Loui Jules Uber FlussFirst things first: At Le Gril by Loui & Julie I had the best steak so far in my life! Surprising, I know. It wasn´t a T-Bone from Scotland. It wasn´t a Bistecca from Italy or a Charolais from Burgundy. It wasn´t even a Kobe beef from Japan, but a wonderful Babette from Uruguay. It wasn´t at a two star restaurant in France or a local diner in Japan, but in a plain BBQ restaurant in Germany.

And it wasn´t just the steak that was great about this restaurant. They serve a wonderful Caesar salad for 3€ and a Tartine menu worth a trip. In addition, they serve rhubarb juice, which is my all time favorite. Except for with the meat…Loui Jules restaurant

The restaurant was full when we got there, and no tables available. But we argued our way in, so we had to wait quite a while. They were quickly forgiven. I would gladly wait several more hours for that same steak over and over again!

Loui JulesThe design of the restaurant is modern and comfortable. It is located on the main floor of the Uber Fluss hotel, and also where you can eat breakfast if you stay here. This is a place where everyone could relax and enjoy a meal or two. Situated by the river in the old part of the city, you are close to other bars and shops.

In conclusion; Go to Le Gril by Loui & Julie and eat a steak! You will love it!

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