Osteria dell´Arco is the best restaurant in Alba.

Osteria dell´Arco is located just by Piazza Savona in the town of Alba inPiedmont Piedmont. The food is so good there that it is mentioned in the Michelin Guide book, and it is almost always fully booked. Mainly by locals. But despite its popularity you can still get a three course meal there for 32€. My favorite dishes on their menu is the carne cruda, the baked onion and the home made pasta any style.

Osteria dell´Arcos wine list is also good, mainly filled with local heroes and remarkable bottles.

Even if the atmosphere may seem a bit uptight at first, once you get to trough the initial dishes, the staff starts smiling and they are easy to talk to.

My favorite episode from this place is when the head chef noticed that my then three year old was finishing all the Parmesan cheese on our plate. He came out with a piece big enough for her to enjoy the rest of the day. True love for cheese, kids and great service!

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