Bovio in La Morra is on my top ten restaurant list

Bovio viewRistorante Bovio in La Morra is one of the best restaurants in the world. Enjoy a meal here in beautiful surroundings together with a wine from their impressive wine list, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

I think that Bovio is one of the best restaurants in Piedmont. It is definitley on my top ten list! Whenbovio wine list you consider the location with the view, the friendly staff, the amazing food and their wine list, which is the size of a bible, there really isn´t anything not brilliant about this place. The interior decoration is perhaps the only thing that isn´t my style.

at bovioSituated on the hillside of La Morra, the view is breathtaking. You should always book a table in advance, because the place is always packed. I especially love it when the weather is so good that you can sit outside. But bring a light jacket, just in case. It could be a bit windy up there.

As mentioned, they have a killer wine list. The La Morra area is Conterno baroloconsidered by many to have some of the best vineyards in the world, and this list contains many of them. The difficult part is choosing which one to enjoy. They have both good Dolcettos for a lighter lunch. Great Barberas and amaing Barolos. With a little guidance from the waiters, it is almost impossible to make a wrong choice. Pick based on your cravings or wallet. It will be good no matter what.

There is an á la carte menu at Bovio, but I suggest you order the menu. It is possible to make tartar boviochanges if you prefer, and the kids could order parts of it. They will enjoy it just as much as you.

Their tartar is a killer, but everything that is on the menu, no matter what seasonal ingredients they use when you visit, will be fantastic.

As soon as you enter this restaurant, all you have to do is follow your waiter’s suggestions and sit back and enjoy. I promise you will love it!



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