Osteria Veglio, La Morra

It is very difficult to get a table at this place. I think we tried three times before we got lucky, but it was worth the wait. I can understand why it is such a popular place.

The restaurant is more than average appealing, and they have a lovely deck for sunny and warm days. The place is run by two beautiful sisters, and they serve the best possible local food. When we had the carne cruda here, we had to order extras, because our girls loved it so much. As did we. Their chicken terrine melted on my tongue and their tagliatelle with ragu tasted like velvet, according to my travel mate. But my favorite is still the house beef that was served with baked vegetables and loads of great taste.

Their wine list isn´t the biggest or most exciting in the area, but they have some really good bottles on it. We got one of our most memorable wine experiences here when we drank Aldo Conterno`s Romirasco Barolo from 2004. It will never be forgotten!

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