Indiana Kenanga – Beautiful Botique hotel at Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Indiana KenganaIndiana Kenanga is a boutique hotel located on a small island called Nusa Lembongan, between Bali and Lombok rated highly by Trip Advisor. The ones who visit this design hotel and island are in search of something different, peace and beauty, authenticity or just great waves.

Indiana KenganaIndiana Kenanga calls itself “The jewel of Nusa Lembongan”, and I think I have to agree. With its unique interior created by French designers and the very talented, generous and french chef Clement Fouqueré, this hotel stands out from all other hotels in Nusa Lembongan, and even the rest of Bali. The design is traditional Balinese/Asian flavored with several Buddha statues and colorful elements. Just enough knick-knacks to keep it nice and not overwhelming. The calm atmosphere is contagious and welcoming.

Indiana KenganaIndiana Kengana beachIf you need some more of that calmness, make a few trips to the spa. It isn´t the most luxurious or fancy I have seen, but the staff is very service minded and the treatments are good. They are executed with great knowledge and firm hands. And the rates are lovely too.

I love Balinese food, don’t get me wrong, but If I can spice up a few days of my travel with French cuisine, then I will! Most of the dishes on their menu were really delicious, and the only thing missing was a supplementary French wine list to go with it.

In addition to the French restaurant, the hotel also has its own Creperie. How cool is that? I loved it, and I know the kids did too!Indiana Kengana

A few of the villas have their own pool, but with two other pools on the hotel property and the ocean just a few steps away, you really don´t need one. We managed to get two kids into one room with one extra bed. The double bed is big and sleeps three easily.

Indiana KenangaWe had a great few days here, and I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend it to all of my friends, but it is important to remember that even if you are in a French restaurant, you won’t get the same service as you do in the mother country. The lifestyle at Lembongan is chilled and relaxed, and so is the service you get. Another bonus is that you can step right outside the hotel and catch some great waves. Surfing is great here!

If you are in the right mind and state, you´ll have a wonderful experience at Indiana Kenanga


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