Brasserie Lipp, Gothenburg. French cooking at its best!

LippBrasserie Lipp recently reopened their doors for a fresh start with classical dishes and surroundings. Stop by for wonderful food, excellent service and a great place to wine and dine in their outdoor area when weather permits it.

Amongst all the new and modern style restaurants here in Gothenburg, Brasserie Lipp represents traditions and 30 years of French cooking experience. The sun was shining when we sat down, and it was the perfect frame for a lovely meal. lipp lipp

The menu varies from day to day for lunch, but there is always something good for those of us who love the French kitchen. The girls shared a dish of Steak Frites with béarnaise, and they loved it! So did I. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sauce was yummy.

tartarroebiff4We also tried the Moules Frites and Swedish Roe. The Steak Tartare was served the traditional way where you make your own blend, which I think is best. The whole meal was enjoyed with a good bottle of Champagne… You should definitely try It!

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