Cal Pep – The best Tapasbar in Barcelona!

Cal Pep is nothing like any other restaurants I have been to. First and foremost, they have fantastic food here, because the famous Mr. Pepe, who is one of Barcelona’s best-known tapas chefs, runs it. What separates this restaurant from a lot of the other tapas places is that they serve a lot of dishes caught below the ocean surface. I have never seen or tasted so many different and excellent shellfish as I did here.

You may get lucky and get a table in the restaurant, but the best experience is to get in line and enjoy the food and the atmosphere at the bar. On one side of the bar we are a group of hungry and excited guests, and on the other funny, enthusiastic and great chefs. The pace is quick and the food stunning. We just had “our” chef serve us what ever he liked from todays specials, accompanied with a few glasses of cava, and we loved it completely. Thank you, Mr. Pepe! I will be back!

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