Dorint Hotel & Spa, Bad Brueckenau

While driving to and from France and Italy, we have to go through Germany. Some times Germany is nothing but an Autobahn that has to be concurred, but Germany is so much more. If we have time, driving through the valleys and close to the rivers are very beautiful. But if not, we just drive as far as we manage, and try to find a decent hotel close to the main road. Last year we found this place. I was using Trip Advisor and the “near me” function when I searched for great hotels with a pool.

The Dorint was beautiful on the outside, placed in the middle of a great park in a wonderful area it almost looked like an old castle, and the girls started behaving like little princesses. The rooms were not as flashy and glorious, but very spacious and clean.

The pool that we were looking so much forward to, after a long and warm day in the car, was not as cool. The spa area was nice, but the pool was indoor, and looked more like a training facilities for those who can´t swim too fast and too far. The temperature was warm and quite nice, but far from fresh and refreshing. But the girls loved it, so it wasn´t too great of a loss.

The restaurant, on the other hand, was not a disappointment. We got a table outside and REALLY enjoyed a few cold beers and some unknown, but fresh German whites.  And it is always nice to get some of the more minimalistic and barely cooked meals after spending several weeks in Italy. The fish and vegetables were fantastic, the dishes small and funky looking, and the air was clean and cooler than further south. This really was a great layover while just passing through the area.

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