Château Margaux 1949, a beautiful Bordeaux

This Château Margaux from 1949 was a surprisingly fresh tasting Bordeaux with beautiful color. 

It never seizes to amaze me that a bottle of wine that old can be so fresh, both in color and taste. The color of this Bordeaux was bright red and clear. i tasted berries, black currant in a combination of tobacco and leather, but not in a bad way! It was still acidic and surprisingly fresh. While the first two sips where a bit closed and metallic, it opened up quickly and tasted better and better. Stronger and fuller. It was an amazing bottle of Bordeaux!

With such an old bottle, remember not to open it in advance. You never know how long the taste will last, and you want to keep it as long as possible, or at least until you finish it. This bottle grows in taste and flavor, even at the age of 66!

We enjoyed the bottle with a rare cooked Dexter beef tenderloin covered in good olive oil, salt and pepper. Nice and simple. Delicious!


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